Gene was a photographer, but his first love was music. As a young boy he taught himself musical notes by hanging various sized water jars from the basement rafters and hit the jars with a stick to sound out notes. His neighbor took pity on this poor boy and encouraged Gene to practice on her piano. She may have had some regrets however, because he wore a hole in the carpet around the foot pedals and later she gifted the piano to him.
After spending six years in the U.S. Navy during WWII, Gene took terminal leave in Trenton, New Jersey and eventually settled in Levittown Pennsylvania  in 1954 where he remained a lifelong resident.
He left behind, a large collection of negatives he had accumulated as a police and fire photographer and UPI contributor. His early black and white images were produced from a Graflex 4×5 camera but he did occasionally intermingle 120 and 35 mm film. Later he moved into 35 mm color. The legacy archive is estimated to include over 25,000 negatives from areas predominantly located in southeast Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.
Gene Asro, was born as Augustine Samuel Rossana in 1922 and died in 1998.
  1. Colleen says:

    Are the photos taken still available for purchase??? My sister and I and my brother would very much like to purchase the picture if still available .
    Please e-mail me if this is possible.

    Thank you
    Colleen Hedden

  2. Rick Mallon says:

    Hi This is awesome;…apparently I am in a Santa Photo. My name is Rich Mallon and would like to see it if possible… ..Thank You!!

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