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Levittown Lions



Langhorne Speedway

Bobby Unser wins!

359-69-14 Langhorne Speedway Unser

Follow-up event- Levittown Shop-A-Rama

with Bobby Unser


359-69-11 Langhorne Speedway Lev Cntr

359-69-10 Langhorne Speedway Lev Cntr

359-69-9 Langhorne Speedway Lev Cntr

359-69-8 Langhorne Speedway Lev Cntr

359-69-7 Langhorne Speedway Lev Cntr

359-69-6 Langhorne Speedway Lev Cntr

Were you there?

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339-69-1 Tiny Tim rev1

339-69-4 Tiny Tim rev1

339-69-5 Tiny Tim rev1

339-69-6 Tiny Tim rev1

339-69-7 Tiny Tim rev1

339-69-8 Tiny Tim rev1

339-69-9 Tiny Tim rev1

339-69-11 Tiny Tim rev 1

339-69-2 Tiny Tim rev1

339-69-3 Tiny Tim rev1


252-69 Levittown Shopping Center rev 1

Sally Star Atlantic Thrift

Sally Starr Atlantic Thrift

Do you know these kids?

No Fences!


A typical Levittown backyard behind the Rancher– still very few fences, but the added clothesline and kid’s bicyle abandoned to the ground.

Barry Cassel

Levittown Fairless Hills Rescue Squad gets a new crew?


Rescue Squad Fund Raiser

Break-in in Levittown


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Car crashes into Saroka’s Levittown home

Yup… that’s a Levittowner!