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Veterans of Foriegn Wars Ceremony in Burling NJ.


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Opening Ceremony



Murphy’s Chuck Wagon Grill Starts Fire

Lawrence Road Fire Co. Responds

The story can be found  on the Lawrence Road Fire company’s history page. September 15, 1964, gives a pretty good account. We  had a few pictures.

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Managing a dangerous job


Firefighter points to where the fire started


Man dies, hitting his own tombstone.

September 17, 1964—Original newspaper account written by the Times (Levittown) staff writer, Frank Hegyi. Photo by Gene Asro 

According to the article, a 68-year-old Florence, NJ resident, Miles N. Lucas was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital after colliding with what appeared to be his own tombstone.

I have added extra contrast in order to see the tombstone in the back, which bore Lucas’ exact name. According to the article, it was speculated that these might have been his parent’s tombstones.  Further investigation apparently proved otherwise. Louisa Lucas seems to have died in 1922 but showed that she had been born much too early to be the younger Miles’ mother– making this even more bizarre.

I find this a difficilt coincidence to believe. Grandparents maybe? What I also find incredible, is the kind of damage that was done to this monster car by mere gravestones.

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