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Break-in in Levittown


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Car crashes into Saroka’s Levittown home

Yup… that’s a Levittowner!



Murphy’s Chuck Wagon Grill Starts Fire

Lawrence Road Fire Co. Responds

The story can be found  on the Lawrence Road Fire company’s history page. September 15, 1964, gives a pretty good account. We  had a few pictures.

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Managing a dangerous job


Firefighter points to where the fire started


Levittown Fire Co. 2 Reponds to Tullytown Fire


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Using a land line

Seven Levittown Teens Injured in Car Chase

According the the news clipping found with the negatives, three teenage boys picked up four teenage girls who were returning from a teen dance. Erratic driving caused the Bristol Township Police to give chase on Newportville road in Levittown. The Chevrolet Corvair flipped, injuring seven teeenages– three were admitted to the Lower Bucks Hospital.

Chevrolet Corvair damaged in the pursuit

Levittown Rescue Squad Attends to Teens

Police officers and their new cars.

There are six more photographs associated with this group.